Paradise Of Moalboal

Moalboal is located in small area in South Cebu. Moalboal is very accessible place, they have a lot of restaurant nearby even hostel to stay for the rest of the night.   Tourist can do also island hopping aside from sun bathing. Pescador is the common island wherein you will ride a small boat before you reach the place. They offer such as turtles sanctuary , sardines run, coral reef snorkeling. Unfortunately, you have to pay the amount that they offer but you should know also how to negotiate to them.

How to go there?.

For commuters find where south bus terminal and find the transportation going to moalboal. When you reach your destination you may ride a tricycle and driver will lead you the way. For non-commuters better rent a car and driver for you to make it accessible and easy. Approximately 2 hours before you arrive to the island.

Does island have place to stay in?.

Yes, HK beach resort is just located in moalboal area. If not pick season you can do walk-in and get a room but when its pick season its good to have online reservation at least just to make sure you have a place to stay for the rest of the night.

When is good season to go there?.

Pick season start from march until the end of July. This months, usually its rare to have rainy season . You can enjoy to travel and do swimming and diving as well until the end of the month of July.

What activities i Can do in moalboal?.

Does moalboal is worth to visit?.

Apparently, moalboal is always on top of the list for the traveler and backpackers whether they are new and old traveler. Even if the island is quiet far from the city you can still enjoy every moment of staying there. They have a lot of activities to do in the island as I have mentioned above.


For those who are new travelers its better to ask first the price before riding something. Its good to be aware how much you should pay each destination where you want to go to do not it regret in the end. Cebu is the best place to travel because of its cheap prices but need to be wise as well.


Wake up early and prepare.

  1. Wake up early and prepare.
  2. Check your itinerary for a whole day trip.
  3. Bring your hat, sunglasses or something to covered from sunlight.
  4. Put always sunblock for sun protection.
  5. Bring snacks or food for whole day activities since its physical activities and need more energy .
  6. Do not eat too much before traveling to avoid vomiting. Eat light food to do not starve until arriving the destinations.
  7. Bring extra clothes and towels.
  8. Bring some medicines specially to those who do not like to travel far.

Important things that needs to know:

●Always bring your important belongings like wallets and personal things.
● Do not leave your things unattended.
●Do not trust anyone who will offer for something its better to ask from trusted office or anyone who knows better.
●Do not let someone touch or hold your things.
● Put your vehicles to the safe area not anywhere which is available.


● Rent a bike or scooter or motor to be more accessible for back and forth travelling. Less gasoline and less expense. For foreigners always bring with your international license. Motor is good for couples who loves riding open air to feel the breeze and enjoy the fresh air from countryside.
●Rent a private car if you are minimum of 5-10pax less payment since your in group and just need to divide and rental and gasoline and its not hassle for all and more easier to arrive the destination since no need to stop many times.
● Bus (public transportation) its always available at south bus terminal at 1am to 11pm and queue there and wait the time until the departure. Its less cheaper and you can enjoy for the whole trip.
● For foreigners who are new travelers its good to bring someone who can accommodate for whole day travel at least someone you know to avoid scammers as well .

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