Cebu’s travel guide

Cebu is famous in the Philippines it is well-known to its name as Queen City of the South. Cebu is one of the top priority of tourist because of its high-class beach resorts and diving sports. Cebu has a lot of touristic place to visit . A picturesque spots that captivate the eyes of people. Traveler always choose Cebu as there travel destination as they check that the place offer low prices. Cebu is located in central Visayas. It has near places also to visit which is Eastern Visayas.

Kawasan falls

Water Falls

Kawasan is located in southern part of cebu (BADIAN). It has natural spring water to feel your body relax. It has wide natural swimming pool & lagoon that you can access through jungle. The falls is one of Instagram favorite photo. One of the most popular ways to reach Kawasan falls is on a canyoneering tour . This falls are very famous among traveler who loves hiking and likes to swim in cold, clean water from mountain.

What they offer?.


They offer you to put life jacket first before you swim. Also they offer bamboo raft to pull yourself to reach waterfall part to indulge the fresh water from the mountain. Bamboo raft is advisable for those who do not know how to swim. you can stay to the top of the raft and enjoy the waterfall. They also have tables and chairs to sit on while staying there for a day. They also have watcher for everyone’s safety. All of these are just need a small amount including the entrance payment.

Is canyoneering located in kawasan?.


Yes, this type of activity need a little time . There are persons who offers this type of activity inside kawasan. You may inquire or ask someone to assist you. Its better to know the price first before do it. If solo traveler you can ask if you can join other group at least to less the payment.

How long does it takes to go to kawasan?.

It takes 2 hours or 2 ½ hours to travel from cebu city to kawasan. But, for non-commuter mostly they arrive before the time. You should wake up and travel early so that you will arrive at the place before it becomes too hot.

Can I go alone or should be by group?.

Definitely yes, kawasan is just an open for solo and group travelers. If you want to spend less, group is okay but they only have a maximum hour to stay unlike solo traveler you have unlimited time to stay there and explore more inside the place.

How much do I need to pay ?.

Kawasan has an entrance fee which is for locals Only 20 pesos and for foreigners is 45 pesos. Usually, they get higher fee for foreigner because they paid for eco tourism fee at that place. You also have to pay 50 pesos (1$) if you will bring bike, motor or scooter. Life jacket is 50 pesos (1$) as well and you have to pay compulsory whether you know and do not know how to swim for own safety.

Is it possible to bring food in kawasan?.

Kawasan is an open area they have cottage rental for 300 pesos (6$) and good for 4hours . This is actually quite cheaper unlike to eat outside and spend more. You can bring food as much as you want if you want to stay there for the whole day. Bringing food is actually nice there after swimming you have unlimited food waiting on the table .

What to do ?.

Rent bike, motor, scooter or private car: You can find it in kawasan or in cebu city. Search online, its always available cebu’s rental motor. You can rent it up to 2 thousand pesos (40$). . For private car up to 3 thousand pesos (50$)but gasoline is excluded you will pay by your expense as well. This is already good for the whole day used.


● Rent a bike or scooter or motor to be more accessible for back and forth travelling. Less gasoline and less expense. For foreigners always bring with your international license. Motor is good for couples who loves riding open air to feel the breeze and enjoy the fresh air from countryside.
●Rent a private car if you are minimum of 5-10pax less payment since your in group and just need to divide and rental and gasoline and its not hassle for all and more easier to arrive the destination since no need to stop many times.
● Bus (public transportation) its always available at south bus terminal at 1am to 11pm and queue there and wait the time until the departure. Its less cheaper and you can enjoy for the whole trip.
● For foreigners who are new travelers its good to bring someone who can accommodate for whole day travel at least someone you know to avoid scammers as well .

Important things that needs to know:

●Always bring your important belongings like wallets and personal things.
● Do not leave your things unattended.
●Do not trust anyone who will offer for something its better to ask from trusted office or anyone who knows better.
●Do not let someone touch or hold your things.
● Put your vehicles to the safe area not anywhere which is available.


During this period, its good if your body in good condition. Most especially for the traveler who had an arthritis or asthma because of cold water there.

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