Boracay is prominent for there white beach island. The place is located in central part of the Philippines and part of aklan island.

How to go there?

I ‘ ll give you guide on how you will arrive to the island. Here are the steps

Step 1:
Booked ticket online you can visit cebu pacific, air asia, Philippine airline (PAL), that are bound to Boracay.
Step 2:
Booked any hotel and its available online or in or for cheaper price.
Step 3:
Go to airport and wait for your departure bound to Boracay island.
Step 4:
Arrival at Boracay whether you will ride plane to caticlan and kalibo.
Step 4:
Ride bus going to another bus station to transfer to small yatch to go to send you to station 1. From there you can wait your pick up service to drop you to your hotels.

How far is boracay from manila or cebu?.

By riding airplane it takes up to 30-40 minutes or 1 hour depends on your departure if there is a delay or none. Via cebu it just 30 minutes if no delay. If manila up to 1 hour since it a little bit far from the island

Is it possible to enter boracay without hotel booking?.

As of now boracay become strict, they did not allow the traveler to enter boracay without hotel reservation. They will check your hotel reservations if it confirmed or not upon arrival.

What is best month to visit boracay?.

For the foreigner they like to visit boracay for the month of july and so on since this is usually there summer there. But, actually when summer starts in the Philippines its good to visit. Summer start on march until June. By this month its hot season in the Philippines. Those months rainy season is rare to happen.

What place would you recommend to go inside island?.

Actually, there is only one (1) common place where travelers to go which DMALL de boracay this place is located in station 1 . You can find there restaurants, bar and allow to do picnic on beach. You can sit while eating and indulge the moment. You can roam around and explore what inside the place

What activity they offer?.

Boracay has a lot of things to do. So, while your on vacation you can enjoy your whole stay there. They offer such as :
-Banana boat
-Helmet diving
-Helicopter tour (15minutes).
-Island hopping

For island hopping usually, you can choose package tour including there lunch.

Where I can book this type of activities?.

Inside Dmall de boracay they have a lot of people who picked for tour but you should be careful because a lot of traveler just booked and the person they got payed was lost. Its better to booked in a trusted area there you can ask and they can assist you.

What time does the tour start? .

The tour starts at 9-10am but u should be there earlier before the time because they have policy for first come first serve. Usually by that time you are already prepared and waiting for your queue.

How cheap is boracay?.

Boracay actually offers package tour including air, land and hotel transport. You can check online for availability. They offer summer deal package, Christmas package and that’s already included the tour package. If your planning to visit boracay check the flight because sometimes they offer very cheap price for back and forth flight already.

What food would recommended in boracay?.

Typically, boracay has a lot of food. You can find it in station where this is the center of boracay and near to the beach. I would recommend to eat Filipino food since your in the Philippines and most recommended among all.

What are the tour package they offer?.

Usually , the package includes puka beach, helmet diving, carabao island viewing, magic island, crocodile viewing. While having tour the tour guide is explaining where you will going and what attractions they have.

What hotel would you recommend to book?.

Best recommendations in boracay is henan beach resorts it’s the nearest hotel and just in front of the beach. You can watch for the sunrise and sunset. You can also booked and checked savoy even if it a little bit far they offer for back and forth transportation for free and they also have private island for swimming and kayak. And also, you can booked walking distance hotel and apartment nearest to the beach but its quiet higher price compared to other hotels.

Do I need to bring passport or valid before entering boracay?.

Any Identification cards are allowed to bring as proof for Filipino citizen Whether valid or not . Its obvious that your living and Philippine is your birthplace. For foreigner its good if you always bring with you your passport I.D as an proof of identification.

Is it possible to stay all night at the beach?.

Yes, its possible. Dmall de boracay has wide area to stay long . Just need to bring something to cover to protect yourself from cold. You stay as long as you want under the moonlight.


  1. Boracay become strict nowadays so always check your booking especially for hotel.
  2. Better choose hotel that offer free drop and pick up sometimes some hotel do not offer free drop and pick up service and need to rent motor or tricycle.

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